Trust as a trend

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The industry of marketing is nothing if not trendy. Trends are one of the engines that actually power marketing. One trend in visual communications is security and comfort. In a time of turmoil in the markets, global warming and security threats, people gravitate to images of comfort and security. The Imaginet theme is appropriate in that it shows symbolic lines enveloping the people and protecting them from the vagaries of computer application design. It creates an expectation of trust.

Communications are moving away from canned looking images of models to portraits of real, ordinary people consumers and employees. People feel that they can more easily trust and connect with these images. This can sometimes be expressed as a story or testimonial but not necessarily.

There is a movement to have communications portray a more sincere message. Customers want to feel as if their challenges are being respected and not just given lip service. A deeper understanding of the problems clients deal with resonates beyond the usual corporate speak.

There is an increased use of images of women is business communications. This is due to their increased involvement in decision making but also that they are seen as powerful symbols of loyalty, security and consistency.

Pets and non-threatening animals have a strong correlation to comfort and security as well. They can also relate well to ecology and care of the environment.

A focus on multi-tasking is waning. People are finding that this approach to work was too stressful. Many products and programs are focused on doing one thing well and poke fun at the multitasking lifestyle.

These are emerging factors to keep in mind when creating new communications. Considering the customer in thoughtful and unique ways will add up to memorable and compelling marketing, marketing that engenders confidence and trust.

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