Manitoba Egg Farmers has been working with Bob Gair at Spark Design for over three years now. Not only does Bob provide excellent design, layout and creative direction, he contributes to the strategic development of our marketing and communications plans as well. It’s this multi-faceted contribution that makes Bob such a valuable part of our team.

Brenda Bazylewski & Janet Irwin
Manitoba Egg Farmers

Working with Bob at Spark Design has been exactly what you hope for when searching for professional services of any kind. Before working with Spark Design we worked with a couple other marketing companies and always complained that they didn’t “get it” and couldn’t produce marketing materials that showed what we wanted to show and relate to our customers. When we started with Spark Design that changed immediately and are now complimented consistently about our marketing materials. Spark Design “gets it”. Not only that but Bob has helped us increase our marketing impact by giving us new ideas to reach our customers effectively and kept us away from projects that would be a waste of time or resources.

Spark Design has been very easy to work with, is always available for us when we need something done and produces excellent work. It is evident that Spark Design cares about it’s clients more than any other company we’ve worked with.

Spark Design is the only company we use for marketing and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ryan Friesen
Heatmaster SS

Manitoba Hydro has close to a 20 year relationship with Bob. We’ve worked together on a cornucopia of different projects, that range from interactive content, to illustration and design. He seems to always exceed our expectations.

Harald Strom
Exhibit & Design Coordinator
Customer Service & Marketing
Manitoba Hydro

Over the past 10 years, our relationship with Bob has been nothing but a pleasure. When we think of Bob, the first words that come to mind are reliable, consistent and quality design.

Ryan Elias
VP & General Manager
Triple E Recreational Vehicles
Leisure Travel Vans

Spark design exceeds my expectations with every project. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Spark to anyone requiring professional design and branding services.

Cindy Danko
Manitoba Hydro

First off, I am very grateful that Bob Gair of Spark Design was recommended to me. I had worked with other graphic designers over the years in an attempt to come up with design materials that represented my work. It was all to no avail. Proposals were presented to me that clearly indicated that I hadn’t been heard. When I started working with Bob I realized he ‘got it’. It was the start of an exciting and creative process that resulted in a web site and branding that I feel represented my values and work. Many, many thanks Bob

Marjorie Larson
Larson Interior Design and Space Planning